Saturday, 15 November 2014

Let's reboot

I am bringing this blog back form the dead. It has been over 2 years since I last made an entry but I think since I have it, it's time to really use it.

I have updated the layout to make it a little cleaner and more legible and have also decided to make it about photography, travel and money. Bit of a strange mix I know but since I did start off the blog that way I'll just keep on going. I like to make them a little more personal and share my experiences.

A reason I did stop was because I just felt like I couldn't write or had a hard time getting the words out. But since I now wirte articles for a local newspaper in my area and I do some writing online I feel like I can maintain my blog better. I still won't write in it daily I'm sure but I'll try to weekly if I can.

Cheeky Polar Bear

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Make money with Google Adsense

Another installment on how you can make some money from the web. This time we will talk about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a free program that you can sign up to which will allow you to place ads on your blog and website. As you can see on my page I have 2 ads that are not too distracting and don't get in the way or ruin my blog. If these ads are clicked I make a percentage from Google and can be paid when I make it to $150.  This I must say is no easy feat when you are starting off. One thing you can do to generate more traffic is to backlink your articles. I backlink on Twitter, StumbleUpon, Redgage and She Tole Me. There are plenty more out there that you can use to advertise and get more traffic to your pages though which I haven't started using yet. Because of this I don't get as much traffic as others so don't make as much money.
There is one most important thing to remember about using Google adsense. DO NOT click on your own ads and also do not ask your family and friends to do so for you. If you do this your account will be banned by them. If someone is genuinely interested in the ads displayed they will click on them.
I have written a full article about Google Adsense here --> Make money with Google Adsense

Now enjoy todays random photo :)

Harbour seal

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Arctic wolves of Zoo Brno

Another photo blog today. I am planning another trip back to Europe and can't wait to visit all the zoos again. Zoo Brno in the Czech Republic is famous for their arctic wolves. There is Atilla the alpha male, Clair and Alex are the females and have both produced pups and then all the kids!
The Arctic wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf and live in arctic areas along the northern edge of the North American continent and northward to the North Pole, as well as along the eastern and northern shores of Greenland. There habitat stays very cold at around -30 degrees C but their coats are very think and insulated form the harsh temperatures. They generally only have a lifespan in the wild of 7 years and live in small packs. The only predators they have ot worry about is polar bears, other wolves and humans.
Hope you enjoy the photos :)

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf: Yummy

Arctic Wolf Portrait

Happy Arctic Wolf

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Mali the baby elephant

Our first baby elephant to be born at Melbourne Zoo. Mali was born on the 16th of January 2010 and is the first female elephant to be born in Australia. She is very popular when people come to visit. The name Mali translates to english as Jasmine. Hope you enjoy these photos of her and if you are in Melbourne, come and visit :)

Lucky Elephant
Itchy Baby Elephant
Baby Elephant: Looking Cute
Baby Elephant: Looking Cute II
Clumsy Baby Elephant
Clumsy Baby Elephant II
Baby Elephant Gymnastics

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Photos of tiger cubs at Melbourne Zoo

Today I'd like to share with you a few photos of the tigers cubs that have been bred successfully at Melbourne Zoo. The sumatran tiger couple have had two litters of cubs so far. The first time our female Binjai had three cubs but sadly one of the cubs had drowned so only two survived. The next time she had four cubs and all of them have been growing up happy and healthy. They will be sent off to other zoos when they are about two years of age to continue with the breeding program. This will ensure they will not go extinct in captivity but of course we hope they do not become extint in the wild either.
So I hope you enjoy the photos of these cuties :)

Baby Tiger: Wonder

Baby Tiger: Love Mum

Baby Tiger Portrait II

Baby Tiger: Hug Tree

Baby Tiger Portrait III

Baby Tiger: Model

Baby Tiger: Model II

Tiger: Model

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Make money with Redbubble

I decided to write a short article today about Redbubble. After all these years being on Deviantart I feel I haven't really gone anywhere. I've made lots of great friends, some I have gone overseas and met them in person, others that I want to still go over and meet. But the point is when it comes to being serious about growing as an artist and putting your work out there to sell, Redbubble is the place to do it. So for those who are interested here is the article --> Make money with Redbubble Any feedback that you have is always appreciated.

And now I leave you with another random photo, it's one I have for sale on Redbubble:

Lynx Love